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Overcome your fear of death 

The Death Anxiety Online Recovery Course will help you to permanently overcome your anxiety of death (a condition called Thanatophobia). The course helps you to re-wire your brain and get rid of panic attacks, anxiety and meaninglessness in life. People who take the course become life enthusiasts. They become optimistic about life plans, enjoy every moment without any death anxiety and report much better sleep.


Watch this video to learn about proven methods to overcome the fear of death (thanatophobia) in 4 weeks or less.


What other clients say 

Death anxiety is quite common and you are not alone with it. See what our clients have to say about beating their fear of death.

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Mentaya Nu

"My fear of death prevented me from wanting to be alone with my thoughts and focus on a task. It made me procrastinate and get lost in my phone or the internet. I found this course and started watching the videos out of hopelessness. Just listening to the videos and getting tips how to overcome my fear gave me so much confidence. Then it started easing my panic, and now the long term recovery method made me forget about my thanatophobia entirely!"

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Clara S.

"I was not able to enjoy and get on with life. It was one of my worst depressed stages and anything could set me off back then. I subscribed out of sheer despair and I'm so glad I did. I watched the videos in almost one go and around two weeks later I realized that the fear was easing up. Once I finished the course, I could not even trigger my fear anymore! Thank you!!"

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Targo D.

"When I was getting my death panic attacks, my muscles started tensing up, and my brain started panicking. During full-on panic attacks, I started hyperventilating and the sides of my head felt like being compressed. It was awful. I took this course because nothing else was working for me. Not reading reddit, no exposure through youtube nor reading spiritual texts. This course was worth every penny.”

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Matt Simmon 

"My fear of death prevented me from experiencing a light and carefree love for my children. Moments of joy always seemed to be behind a filter of sadness and I just could not take it anymore. After starting the program, I realised that the courses are the exposure therapy I needed. Now I put my kids to bed and I don't get any fear or panic. It's a new, enthusiastic life for me!"


Who this course is for?

If you have an intense and recurring fear of death, then you probably suffer from a condition called thanatophobia. If you have trouble falling asleep because your thoughts led you to mortality panic or to fear of losing your close one, then this course is for you. Don't be ashamed and don't feel bad about your fear of death. Thanatophobia is very common and the good news is: you can make your fear disappear without a trace. Really.

If your fear of death never leaves you alone, and that you perceive the world through a veil of sadness, then read on. If thinking about the future, triggers your fear or if seeing a movie where a character dies, sets off an uneasy feeling or panic attack, read on. There is cure.

Group Therapy
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My story

"Now, no matter how hard I try, I can't even trigger my Thanatophobia. It's just gone."

The first time I had a panic attack was when I was 10 years old.

It was already dark outside, and I was in my bed, unable to sleep. When the panic suddenly hit me, I could not stop crying. My mother came into the room, worried. She asked what was going on and through the tears of a 10-year-old I told her: I’m just very scared of death. She was baffled.

The panic attacks would hit me over and over and I had a really hard time sleeping, focusing on school and just enjoying my time. There was always filter of sadness that came from my fear of eventually dying.

At the age of 33 I was lying in bed and being hit by a panic attack I realized: no matter what I've achieved in life so far, I haven't solved my biggest problem yet: my fear of death (thanatophobia).

The fear was a major boundary to achieving my goals in life and it was starting to rub off on my family. Putting my son to bed would trigger a panic attack since I started projecting my fear onto him. This caused heavy feelings of guilt as I’ve put him into this world. This was probably my all-time low in life.

One day, driving to work, exhausted from a sleepless night, it hit me like a brick. It was like an epiphany moment where I saw clearly that my fear of dying was nothing else but a wrong wiring in my head that needed to be solved. There was no eternity pill, but for the first time I understood, that the problem was not mortality, but the fact that I was living my life in fear, missing out on all the beautiful moments as I was hiding behind a veil of darkness.

I started consuming everything about the "death anxiety": blogs, YouTube, reddit posts, religious texts, spiritual ideas and so on. I experimented with medication, meditation, tried exposure therapy, Virtual Reality therapy, took ice baths, tried CBD, CBT, … you name it. I've probably spent over 50'000$ on every possible therapy. Nothing seemed to work!

There was no solution out there that worked for me. The phobia was too strong. It also seemed that nobody else would care enough to address Thanatophobia properly.

So, I launched a Thanatophobia survey and suddenly dozens of people answered the survey describing how Thanatophobia was affecting them! I could not believe it, but I was not alone with this. Many others were struggling, and their answers were full of details, tested relief methods and personal experiences.

So, I did the thing that I knew to do best and put my engineering hat on. I started trying to create new solutions for this seemingly huge problem. I tried combinations of existing methods to overcome Thanatophobia, tested alternations and permutation of methods from books, religion and the internet.

Months of experimentation later I was lying in bed and my mind turned on my usual thoughts about mortality.

And as usual, I was expecting to get anxiety, nausea, sweat, uncontrolled cursing, hate and feelings of guilt to set in and overcome me.

But – nothing happened. There was nothing. No fear, no panic.

The next night was similar, no fear no panic. Putting my kid to bed: the same.

Just stillness and peace. The fear was gone. My relief method had worked for me!

And this is what has put me on a journey. Ever since, I've been teaching my methods to other people, in groups or one-on-ones or online. I know how bad it can be to experience constant thanatophobia. So I made it my mission to share what I found out about Thanatophobia through my experiments, interviews, and surveys. I want to share it with you and the world and help you to get rid of your fear. 


How I will help you

Psychologists promise cure. But most of them never experienced recurring fear of death and don't know what it's like to live with it. Their methods are great, but the sessions cost 100$ or more per hour and are not tailored to the fear of death and therefore less effective.

When people told me "just stop thinking about it.", I knew that they won't be able to help me. The thing is that there is literally no way to "just not think about it" as the panic comes at goes seemingly at random. It is stronger during night time or when we see triggers. But "not thinking about it" will not work. We need stronger tools. We need tools that work in most extreme conditions. This is why this course does not tell you "just stop thinking about it". This course offers you methods employed by extreme athletes, worlds record holders and free divers. We use breathing techniques that saturate your blood with oxygen, bringing upon a biochemical change in your blood that causes euphory and focus. Then we use that euphoric, alert state to re-wire the brain to create positive associations instead of dwelling in Thanatophobia. 

We use long term relief methods by simulating out of body experiences in VR to ease the fear of the unknown - because in many aspects Thanatophobia resembles the fear of the unknown. It is during the long term methods course that people suddenly report about their panic attack ease up. And later they report that it stops bothering them entirely or that they event can't trigger it on purpose anymore. 

Last but not least, we use methods that help you to remain in the transformed, light and relaxed state. By sharing your experience with others, you will have a special purpose: to help fellow thanatophobians. This purpose is the powerful tool that helps you to remain thanatophobia free.


From a filter of sadness to enjoying a normal, happy life in 3 weeks

Learn how hunderds of people like you beat their thanatophobia. After learning these techniques, you will be in control.  Not your fear. 

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Short term relief methods

Not being able to sleep because of panic attacks or waking up at night and having existential fears: These are heavy symptoms. We therefore use heavy guns to get over these symptoms. Borrowed from extreme athletes and world record holders, the short term relief method teaches you how to interrupt your train of thoughts and alleviate panic attacks right when they occur. The breathing methods help you to saturate your body with oxygen and get into an euphoric state by changing the biochemistry of your blood. A technique used by extreme athletes: it brings down your pulse and clears your mind. You will be equipped with tools that allow you to interrupt the panic and rest well during the night or focus during the day. This will boost your energy and set the basis for the next stage of recovery: long term relief method.

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Long term relief methods

While interrupting a panic attack is important, it does not free us from thanatophobia. The panic is just the symptom of a deeper mis-wiring of our brains. In the long term recovery part of this course, we will give you the tools to get rid of the deeply rooted death anxiety. Rationally you know it: it does not make sense to live a life in fear of something like death - because a fearful life itself is not enjoyable. But how to convince our brain to not trigger thanatophobia and actually enjoy life? This is the topic of the longer term recovery method. We will be diving into the depth of your memory and identify what exactly triggers your thanatophobia. Is it the fear from the unknown or the fear about your loved ones? Having identified the source, we will employ rewiring techniques to disassociate you from the fear by rewriting your understanding of mortality and show you how to enjoy stillness and peace with your mind. By the end of the course you will wish to take part in events such as the "Día de los Muertos" in November - the Day of the Dead in Mexico and you will find these things even appealing instead of frightening.

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Sustaining the transformation

After finishing the long term relief course you will be unable to trigger your thanatophobia, even if you wanted. This will be your transformation and you will feel like a new person. To keep it that way, we will provide you with tools and methods to sustain your transformation. One of the most powerful tools to sustain such a transformation is to reinforce it with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. You will be able to do this by supporting others who suffer from thanatophobia and share your experience with them. This puts your thanatophobia way behind you, as you will elevate your consciousness beyond the fear: you will be curing others and this is one of the most powerful coping tools. Our most engaged clients even started giving individual coaching sessions to people who still experience thanatophobia and are now earning and growing from a coaching side business!

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Tracking your progress

It is great to see when you make progress and feel better. However, we want hard facts and proof of you feeling better. Therefore, you will be tracking your progress and see how your levels of thanatophobia decrease over time. Over the course of two weeks, you thanatophobia anxiety will drop and you will be seeing this in the data.


What you will receive if you sign up:

All proven thanatophobia recovery methods

10+ techniques you need, explained, guided and visualized in training videos and audio sessions 

Recovery success 

People are different. But Thanatophobia is the same for us all. Find out in the free consultation call, how likely you will overcome your fear and whether you are a fit for the recovery program.

One-on-ones and support groups

Receive access to weekly community sessions (online), that go beyond the course. Tap into a thriving community of like-minded people who overcame the phobia and are willing to support and motivate you. 

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Money back guarantee

You might think that this is too good to be true, not real or it will not work for you. I get it. Many thought the same before they got started, but we changed their mind. Therefore, if it does not work for you for any reason or if you simply don't like what you get, we will reimburse you right away. No bureaucracy, promised! This is how much we trust into our methods. It simply worked for so many people already.

Video Blogger

Phillip from California, USA

I used to watch videos about the universe and how eventually it may cease to exist. This would trigger a heavy panic attack. My pulse would go through the roof. However, now my mind does not even trigger the panic, no matter what I do. I'm just fine and enjoy the current moment in stillness.


More testimonials? here you go!

I used to see young children and my cousin laugh and play, which for some reason triggered my fear symptoms. But this is the past. Now, I am present and I enjoy every moment without a hint of fear.

C. Beck

Mountains in Clouds

About us

Why we've built Growth Purpose 

For the last 15 years or so I suffered from Thanatophobia. For me, all these years feel like lost time. It's lost time, because during all these years I was living a life, worried about a point in the future instead of enjoying the moment. I've spent so much time worrying about the future, having anxiety and panic attacks, that it feels like I haven't really lived in the past years. It's as if I was stocking delicious food, for a day in the future where I would need it. But once this day arrived, all the food has expired and I'm wondering why I did not enjoy the food while it was still delicious.

Now, I've dedicated my time to a purpose that I personally find very fulfilling. I want to help others who suffer from thanatophobia to not waste their time worrying about the future, but enjoying the moment that is happening NOW. Time is the scarcest resource that we have, and I don't want anybody else on this earth to waste it like I did, worrying or panicking. 

I've tried so many things to overcome my thanatophobia, that I've become something like an expert in the topic. I don't think anyone else spend that much time thinking and experimenting with thanatophobia as I did. But for me it was worth it because I was able to overcome it to a point that I can't trigger it anymore, even if I wanted. I'm just at peace and in perfect stillness thinking about it. So, I've made it my mission and purpose to help others. And I hope I will meet you soon in one of my sessions.

Warm regards, GP Team



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Can I access the courses from my phone?

Yes. The resolution is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. You will be able to use any common device to access the program.

Will my login expire one day?

No. Your login will not expire. According to the plan you've chosen, you will be able to visit the course video any time. Only if you cancel your subscription, you will be unable to access the course material.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. If you wish to apply for a discount, please reach out to us via the form below. You are eligible for a discount if you opt in for a case study in which you share your (honest) experience with the community.


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